MVP-100-R-0 / MIPI-B TO B1/2.9 Inch 
MVP-100-R-1 / MIPI-B TO B 1/2.9 Inch 
MVP-110-R-0 / MIPI-FPC 1/2.9 Inch 
MVP-110-R-1 / MIPI-FPCB 1/2.9 Inch 
MVP-120-R-1 / Parallel-B TO B 1/2.9 Inch 
MVP-210-R-0 / Parallel-FPC 1/3 Inch 
MVP-220-R-0 / Paralllel-B TO B 1/3 Inch 

Mobile Multimedia Platform
MV8657 / High performance multimedia IC suitable across various Applications 
MV8750 / Supports 10M pixel resolution camera.High-End Mobile&PMP solution 
MV8510 / Standalone DRM based Audio/Video Companion Processor 
MV8650 / Feature rich Multimedia IC with TV-out function 
MV8720/30 / Multimedia IC for mobile TV phone 
MV8508 / Cost effective multimedia solution 
MV8630 / Feature rich Multimedia IC with TV-out function 
MV8620 / Feature rich Multimedia IC with TV-out function  
MV8602 / Multimedia IC with hardwired MPEG4 engine for mobile phone 

Camera Signal Processor
MV9335 / The first-ever domestic camera ISP equipped with detection functionalities 
MV9333 / 5M deffusion CSP 
MV9517 / Display image improvement IC 
MV9331 / Camera Signal Processor with Digital Image Stabilization(DIS for Still Image&Video),Adaptive Luminance(Digital Flash) 
MV9319 / SMIA I/F based Camera Signal Processor 
MV9317 / World’s first 5 mega pixel Camera Signal Processor with real time image compression technology 
MV9315 / Camera Signal Processor with various image quality enhancement algorithm 

Camera Control Processor
MV3800 / NFC single chip solution supporting P2P and Reader/Writer mode, 13.56MHz Contactless Communication Multi-Standard Protocol support 
MV1002 / MMP Mobile Multimedia Platform 
MV3320 / World’s first Camer IC with bulid-in Audio DSP for mobile phone 
MV3020 / 2nd generation 2 mega pixel Camera IC for mobile phone 
MV3019 / 2nd generation mega pixel Camera IC for mobile phone 
MV3018 / 2nd generation VGA Camera IC for mobile phone 
MV3315 / 2mega pixel Camera IC for mobile phone